Seasonal Field-Grown Florals

At Songwood, we're focused on regenerating our farm's soil and cultivating a thriving ecosystem for native wildlife and pollinators. Because of that, we only operate seasonally - producing field-grown flowers without the use of artificial light or heat sources (which add to carbon emissions). Planet Over Profit.

Instead, we grow our flowers using nothing but a few key ingredients: Sunshine + Rainwater + Healthy Soil

That's it. Only the good stuff.

We never grow using synthetic or chemical anything. In fact, we don't utilize pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides (or any other -icide) on our farm at any time - even those labeled organic

We promote the health of our blooms using natural farming methods like companion planting, crop rotation, and employing beneficial bugs to create a balanced ecosystem (we love ladybugs around here).

We are strictly no-till, which means we disturb our soil as little as possible (just getting out a shovel is a big deal around here).

Building up our soil rather than disturbing it allows us to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it under our feet, making it available to Songwood's biology as well as keeping it out of the air.

We manage our farm without the use of any heavy gas-guzzling equipment. By working the land with mainly the use of our two sets of hands and feet, we prevent soil compaction (and get our steps in every day).

If for any reason our flowers don't meet our very high quality standards then they are composted and we use the opportunity to take a step back, listen to what nature is telling us, learn, and improve for next time.

At Songwood we're always working with nature, and never against it. You can rest assured that our flowers are grown with the utmost respect for nature and with the health of the earth, and all of us, in mind at all times.

Interested in fresh flowers from the farm?

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